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Professional | Self Makeup

+ Professional Makeup Training

4 courses $600 each

7 day Intensive Training $1,995

For individuals who want to expand their knowledge in a specific area or have a time or budgetary restraint, Backstage Makeup Professionals allows students to enroll in individual makeup courses like the BASIC PRINCIPLES, GLAM MAKEUP, BRIDAL MAKEUP, OR THE BUSINESS OF MAKEUP. Some courses may be taken without pre-requisites and need certain specialized skills to properly prepare students for more advanced work. DO YOU WANT TO PERSUE YOUR DREAM CAREER AS A MAKEUP ARTIST? For more information, send us an email and you will received the 4 courses descriptions and syllabus.




We partnered with Paypal Credit so you can start making your passion into your career. Info here.


+ Makeup Artist Update Course

Please inquire info, dates, & pricing at

This course is for the makeup Artist wanting to build their confidence and technique. In this 8 hour course, you will learn new skills and polish your artistry. If you just graduated as a makeup artist or have been in the industry for a while, but think you are missing confidence in some looks and want to elevate your skills, then this course is for you.

+ Hair Class for freelancers or Makeup Artist

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In the freelance world, makeup artist are sometimes expected to do hair. A hairstyling class is the perfect complement for a makeup artist that wants to deliver a full service to his/her clients. This class is designed from basic hairstyling to attention grabbing designs. By taking a hairstyling class you’ll instantly increase your marketability. All levels are welcome.

+ Self Makeup Class - Private One on One | $150.00

Duration 90 minutes of a private & individual class. If you really want to up your beauty game, it's time to turn off the YouTube tutorials and book one of the best makeup classes in Dallas. Let me teach you the basics before you start experimenting with contouring or advance makeup to elevate your skills with some of the more dramatic trends. Get the lowdown on contouring and highlighting, brows and lashes, day-to-night eye makeup or gorgeous overall looks. The choice is yours!

Once you're up to speed, you might have to restock your makeup bag with our curated selection of makeup brands at the studio and brushes.

First things first: You’ll start this lesson with our trained artists going through your makeup bag and assessing the products you use every day. Then, you’ll create a full face look together—the artist will show you all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know before letting you try it for yourself.


+ Group Makeup Class

A Makeup Party or Group Makeup Class lets you get all dolled up with your friends while relaxing and learning new makeup tricks and tips. Our Artist will teach you everything you need to know! Host the party at your house or at our studio and after everyone is dolled up, you can make it a Girl´s Night Out. All ages are welcome: preteen, senior graduation, birthday party, celebrations, etc. It makes a great teen party! email us to inquire about your customize group class and get the Backstage Girl experience. We can add headshots too.