International Women Day is Friday March 8th and it is a day to remind us how far we have come in gender equality, but also to remind us great things happen when women come together.

It is a great time to be a women. We can do anything and we should be able to do anything. We noticed brands, leaders, women, businesses, etc. focusing on giving women a stronger voice, giving us the spotlight, and winning territory in social matters that are changing the path of future generations. And

Just to name a few… Nike´s “Show them what crazy can do” is a recap fo women in sports but definitely an inspiration for all women in any aspects of our life.

On the Fashion side, Versace´s Fall/Winter Men´s Fashion show added 3 female models to the catwalk as a signal of celebrating femininity in a men´s world.

The beauty industry is moving towards artistry and self-care as opposed to the past, when it was mostly based on shaming and making women feel less-than.

Be, do, & express whatever makes you feel good, just make sure it's your choice, it´s for you and what makes you feel alive….. and that is pure feminism.