Hello Backstage Bride!  

Today I came to share with you a theme that I really like to address, and I find it very important for both professionals and clients! So, if you are a makeup artist or if this is your moment as a bride, here are some tips and inspirations to get you going.

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 But besides the technique I would like to mention some points that should be taken into consideration in wedding makeup. Ready?



I think natural is the first commandment for bridal makeup. Remember, it's the day she wants to feel beautiful, so it's important to be careful in choosing your products so you don't make it too heavy. Find the right balance between coverage and finish.

It's a day she will be filmed and photographed, so focus on the skin! It's interesting that it's lit just right, otherwise camera lights can make it look oily. 

 In addition to looking perfect, the bride's make-up has to last for many hours and be emotion proof! So, prefer the toughest products that guarantee this long life!



The bride's makeup should enhance her beauty and disguise imperfections. It's important that she feel beautiful but not unrecognizable, so watch out for make-up transformations and prefer something more natural. Identify and preserve the bride's style, but always opt for neutral combinations! Of course, it is possible to wear a darker lipstick, or even a red classic, as long as it matches the bride's attitude and the mood of the wedding. It's a moment that will be eternalized by photos and videos, several years from now when the bride is looking at her album she must still feel wonderful and know that she has made the right choice. It is important to take care of what is fashionable and to bet on what suits your skin tone, face shape and especially your style.


Coordination is EVERYTHING, and it cannot be set aside for the marriage to be harmonious. This tip is mainly for bridal clients, think makeup is another element that will be part of your wedding, it should be coordinated with your type of party, ceremony time and even with your decoration! Remember that coordinating is not matching, of course you will not use the color of flowers in makeup, but the decoration is one of the elements that demonstrate the mood of the ceremony and party and must be respected in creating the look of the bride.

If the wedding is during the day, opt for softer shades, but be careful that it is still a different makeup, with a bridal face, because nowadays, many weddings start in the late afternoon and extend until the evening, which calls for something more elaborate. If the ceremony is later invest in more intense tones and more festive elements.


Another aspect that should be taken into account is the bride's hair, wreath, and dress. Even if another professional makes the bride's hair, it is important to know what her choices were, so that the make-up is in harmony with the hairstyle. They must be speaking the same language and cannot fight the dress. I always suggest that the makeup + hair test should be performed on the same day. If this is more classic, adopt the classic make and hair, if it is more modern, too. It sounds obvious, but many brides don't think about the set, they just highlight what they like best and when they put it together it's not so cool. The problem is that even with hair and makeup testing, the end result with dress and accessories is only seen on the day and often has no turning back. That's why it's important to think about it first.


Now a tip for bridal clients and professionals who will guide them, is to look for inspirational photos of someone who has the same characteristics as you, hair, skin, and eyes, so the makeup artist better understands your desire and you. You won't be frustrated because you've searched for references to what works for you!

With much love and beauty,

Leslie =)

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