Professional makeup

There's no denying it: the Kardashians (and Jenners) Are an absolute success in the female world. Catapulted into the media by their own cable TV show in 2007, they have been breaking old aesthetic standards and empowering women for both lifestyle and business power as they manage countless companies in different segments.

Today Kim and Kylie even have their homonym makeup lines, but early on, the five sisters already had spotlight on their lives and learned precious makeup secrets - plus the best makeup artists and hairstylists that work so they are always spotless in their appearances.

Kim once admitted that she attended a makeup class with Kourtney and Khloe when they were younger to learn all the tricks needed for a perfect makeup! They have always said that "the more natural, the better." This is a motto that I also apply in my makeup and in my courses! Naturality is one of the most important points for a perfect makeup, specially when we are talkin about bridal makeup.

I´ve been following the Kardashian / Jenner glam squad for a long time since they are makeup trend setters. Who can remember Kim´s extreme highlighted face with what was said was the Banana powder by Ben Nye? and yes I bought it!

After years of zooming in to their flawless makeup and attending Makeup by Mario, Kim go to makeup artist, Masterclass in the past, I´ve narrowed to 9 essential steps or features a Kardashian / Jenner makeup artist does.

HYDRATION Hydration is one of the top secret weapons for a flawless skin outcome. To ensure that the base application is incredible, it is important to have a well-treated skin that is well-suited for the product to behave properly. I really enjoy using Embryolisse next to a thermal or rose water to ensure a plus in hydration.

EYE AREA Even with moisturizing in the pre-makeup, it is very important to have a special attention in the area of the eyes before applying any product for the elaboration of the makeup. This ensures that the region is always hydrated and luminous and the end result will be a professional makeup look. I recommend sleeping on a heavy eye cream the day before your wedding makeup.

CONTOUR For highlighting, the chosen color should be between one or two shades lighter than your concealer and the application should be in the center of the face. For the contour itself, the colors should be one or two shades darker than the color of your base.

HIGHLIGHT Highlight are high points in the makeup and this effect is very much used with the Kardashians. The skin always looks fresh and super-lit! The places for application are in the high points of the face, such as cheeks, center of the nose, center of the chin and in the cupid's bow. I love this effect for a gala makeup or formal event makeup. It will make thye skin stand out with all the light reflecting on it.

EYESHADOW Almond eyes are trademarks of Kardashian´s makeup. Her features make this format much easier, but their eyes are intensifies by shaping the eyelids with eyeshadows. Darker shades in the crease and bronze tones to warmer browns are part of their statement makeup. The result is always beautiful and possible to reproduce at home after a self makeup class that will help you identify your shape of the eye.

FALSE LASHES Eyelashes are required items in a makeup, because they frame the look and guarantee an even more dramatic and charming effect to the makeup. The selection of your lash will depend on your eyeshadow placement and eye shape. Hollywood – level lashes like Backstage 3D Mink Lashes are the perfect touch of glam before the stepping out to paparazzi zone!

LIPS One super trick used by the Kardashians is the lip contour. To ensure more fleshy lips, their glam squad uses the lipstick a little out of the natural lines of the mouth, increasing the size of their area. My favorite are Liquid Lipsticks by The Balm Cosmetics “Sincere” or “Charismatic”.

TEXTURE It is very interesting to work with different textures in the makeup and create new effects, either in the eyes or on the lips. The glossy effect is constantly used on their makeup. A great tip I give my students is to have a clear gloss, so that you can adapt any lipstick with the wet effect and can even apply it on other areas of the face to create the glossy effect. PS- Tips on Glossy Effect coming soon

FINISHING SPRAY The duration of a makeup is as important as its execution and beauty, after all nobody wants their prom makeup or bridesmaids makeup look melted or dismantled in a short time, does not it? So in addition to the secrets in pre-makeup, using a fix spray for finishing is extremely important! My favorite for this function is the Skindinavia Finishing Spray and the best part is that they have 2 types of finishes depending on the look you want to go or your skin type: Dewy or Matte.

In my Makeup Classes , Self makeup or Professional training, I count all my secrets for the perfect makeup! They are classes on assembly of your brush kit, product recommendation, preparation of skin, how to create eye makeup in different ways, etc. A complete class or course for you to learn all about the makeup universe!