Meet your makeup teacher

Hello Sweeties! My name is Leslie Hernandez and I am the Creative Director of Backstage Makeup Professionals { }. I’ve had a passion for makeup & teaching since I was a little girl. I played with my mom’s Esteé Lauder gift samples and stored them in my Caboodle and did my makeup with them and recreated photos from gossip magazines (obviously this was before Youtube & Instagram era) & I also played teacher with my childhood friend, Sofia, and sit our stuff animals in classroom form. {Fun fact: we both later worked together as high-schools teachers}


When I grew up I wanted to study makeup abroad, but back in the day that was not a serious career for my parents specially in a small town in Mexico so my second option was going to college for Business. I loved my classes & till this day I read business books & entrepreneur magazines, blogs, & podcasts. It is so fascinating! 💗

Then I went to teaching and got my master’s in Science of Education from State University of NY & till this day I plan my training classes with the methods I learned in my master’s.


And then came makeup! Finally I could pursue makeup as a career. I’ve trained with many renowned Mexican, American, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, celebrity & international makeup artists along the way GALLERY BELOW.

I combined my 3 passions into creating a course that not only will teach you incredible skills, but I also include the Business and Marketing aspects. I also apply didactic ways to educate that you will increase your skills immediately.

Thousands of dollars invested in myself to teach you the most advanced techniques in the industry.

Makeupbymario (Kim Kardashian go to makeup artist)

Alcantaramakeup (twice) (Brazilian technique) 

Ederson Oliver (Brazilian Technique)

Samer Khouzami (middle eastern technique)  

Mac Daddy Anger Merino (glam makeup)

PaintedbyJeremy (dark skin) 

Mimi Johnson (dark skin) 

Sam Fine (Red Carpet makeup) 

Danessa Myricks (editorial makeup) 

Benni Beauty (glam makeup) 

Amber Dean (creative makeup) 

Sstrazzere (creative makeup)

Jordan Liberty (editorial & photo)

Patrick Ta (red carpet & editorial) 

Etienne Ortega (Kardashian´s & Christina Aguilera´s Makeup artist – Celebrity Makeup)

Pepe Gutiérrez (Mexican Master Makeup Artists with International recognition- High Glam)

As you can see I have a variety of styles of makeup that I´ve learned, plus my unique style. 

You can find my makeup journey in my Instagram highlight “My Journey”.

I believe in investing in yourself and be prepared. This will not only increase your income, but will keep you growing. When you stop learning, you stop growing.


My 7 day Intensive makeup training is where my 3 passions: business, makeup, and teaching come together to deliver the best experience in learning professional makeup and start your own makeup business. The heart of my training is sharing the creative, artistic, and technical process. 📝

After 7 days with me you will have the confidence to do makeup on clients from diversity of ages, ethnicities, races, shades and textures of skin.


Are you ready to make your passion into income?


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